Creating a more sustainable future, together

Changing finance to finance changes.



The world’s 60 largest banks have financed $8 trillion towards fossil fuels since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015.

This includes more than $70 billion of fossil fuel funding from Australian banks, driving climate chaos and threats to our livelihoods of local communities.


We see a future for finance without fossil fuels. A future that’s more responsible and sustainable. But it’s not only about fossil fuels, it’s about understanding the environmental and social justice impacts of financial decisions.

We believe that in order for sustainability to work, it has to be good for business and good for the planet. We can’t reach our sustainability goals without involving every business. We’re creating a future where sustainability is accessible for all businesses, positively impacting bottom line and the environment.

We are reallocating financial flows away from companies that are damaging nature and society towards those that contribute to sustainability. We believe sustainability is good business, for everyone.

And with Good For B your finance has a direct impact on restoring our ocean.

Finance as a force for good.

Help us clean up the ocean – and boost your business at the same time!

Meet the founder

When you’re born and raised on an island, the ocean is your home. For our founder, Charlotte Petris, growing up in Aotearoa New Zealand meant many years spent on the beautiful volcanic black sand coastline of the west coast.

Over the years, millions of tiny pieces of plastic invaded the west coast shores and climate change has threatened the coastal ecosystem – all of these became urgent calls to action for Charlotte.

Good For B brings together her mission to change the world of finance with her passion to clean up the ocean and drive sustainability action.

Charlotte previously founded Timelio, a leading fintech in Australia, providing over $2 billion of working capital finance to businesses. Charlotte continues her entrepreneurial journey with Good For B to create a future where the power of finance is harnessed to inspire meaningful change and create lasting impact on our planet.

Our Values



Treat everyone with equality, impartiality and justice.


The customer is our hero

Deliver exceptional customer experiences. Empower customers with the tools, resourses and knowledge needed to achieve their goals.


Always learning

Commitment to continuous growth, improvement and personal development. Open to new ideas and challenge assumptions.


Protecting the planet

Commitment to safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity for the benefit of current and future generations.


Do good

Making a positive impact, contributing to the well-being of others and acting in ways that leave a positive legacy.

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